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The Great Solution



Veronica has been working within the field of self mastery for  twenty years.
Her W.A.S.C. accredited Master’s Degree is from the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology Program. She has incorporated these cutting edge counseling skills along with her already impressive repertoire.

What is a *Spiritual Psychology Counselor?

         *A Spiritual Psychology Counselor practices an advanced form of spiritual counseling. These professionals have an accredited Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology.

As a Spiritual Psychology Counselor:

It is my intention, as a spiritual psychology counselor, to create a sacred space that is conducive for the individual (client) to experience their Authentic Self.

By facilitating this experience the individual can then release old thought patterns and behaviors that no longer serve them. This involvement in the individual’s healing process induces an anchoring effect where one is then set free to experience the gifts of the Authentic Self. During this alignment with the Authentic Self the individual has the opportunity to experience dominion of Self, truth, guidance and purpose. This practice of self mastery is accomplished through the principles and techniques of Spiritual Psychology.

Veronica's Bachelor’s Degree is in the performing arts from California State University of San Marcos. She is certified as a Hypnotherapist and Life Between Lives Regression Therapist. She belongs to the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, N.A.T.H. What makes Veronica unique is that she is a Certified Medium and  Certified Healer through H.G.S.A. She has been demonstrating this gift professionally for nine years. The use of these healing gifts guides the facilitating process along.

She participates in various speaking, radio, televised and educational engagements. Her current heartfelt project is  The Great Solution; Your Divine Purpose, published by T G Solution
a course of Veronica's own design. The Great Solution is a course offered to those who are interested in living a purpose-filled life. The course includes motivational coaching, dream work interpretation, spiritual psychology techniques, group interaction and support, expanded creation processes, 10 self - hypnosis sessions, and many other uniquely designed heart-centered practices.

Veronica's clients are made to be self-reliant. Every client is shown the tools they need so they too can do everything on their own. It is her goal to continue to empower, enlighten, motivate, inspire and create the vision
of the individual’s dreams! This is a magical process where the client’s Divine Purpose takes on in its own metamorphosis. The outcomes are often much greater than previously anticipated
for by working with Veronica, you get far more than what you originally came to her for!

Veronica teaches by example. So, anything she asks you to do expect that she has already done it herself. She knows it is not easy, yet the payoffs are so worth it! You can do this. You are worth it.

Read what some of her clients and colleagues have to say about working with her and call for an appointment today!  


"I questioned myself if I could successfully express how much Veronica has helped me through her healing ways and teachings.M y first encounter with Veronica was a subtle experience where I met a gentle, kind and caring person. From there opened up like a burst, a most gifted and knowledgeable entity willing to share, teach, counsel, whatever was needed. I realized her subtly gave her power, allowing the person seeking her to best be suited by the many resources she can offer. However, by no means am I saying she is meek, she has great strength to withstand and a directness that she executes when these qualities are needed. From my meetings with Veronica, I have learned about the many potentials within me that certainly seemed dormant up to that point. She has taught me [authentic self] journaling, dream analysis, the love of angels, meditative techniques, and self hypnosis from her inherent spiritual abilities, experience and knowledge from learning. Her fervor for learning is one of the things that impresses me most about Veronica. She realizes how import- ant knowledge is. She wants to learn so much! She has a passion for learning with the intention of helping clients and those that are dear to her. Veronica is a special person, who I am grateful for stepping into my life as a counsel, teacher and friend." 


"Reverend Veronica Landes is a woman who holds her clients with a fierce devotion and strength that I have rarely witnessed before. Her psychic ability is indisputable and her depth of loving zooms straight to the core. Veronica is a powerhouse healer – full, radiant, and beautiful – truly a spiritual being in active service as a human being."

- Maddisen K. Krown
Life Coach/Counselor

"She has helped me through some of the toughest times of my life I have ever experienced. Her medium work between me and Spirit led me to change careers and  doing work that I truly love and fulfills me financially and spiritually. She counseled me through a love that I never thought I’d get over. During that time we worked with hypnotherapy and past life regression. We have also worked on guided imagery and reiki which has helped me acknowledge and deal with childhood traumas. Veronica has taught me Authentic Self Journaling and self meditation .With these tools I can find answers to situations that I would have brushed aside and avoided. The best part of our divine relationship is she doesn’t give you the answershe gives you the tools to find the answer and makes you do the work. I truly believe because of this my life is so much easier and happier."


"I have been a client of hers for some time. I am truly amazed of her spiritual depth and intuition, which has been a beautiful help and experience for me! My counseling work has opened up a greater spiritual awareness and understanding in my life! This has given me a wonderful feeling of peace, and contentment, which is extremely important for me at this present time in my life! I can’t say enough of my love and appreciation for this young woman who has much to offer anyone who is seeking greater spiritual awareness, truth and love in their life! Amen!"


"I have been working with Veronica for the past two years. She has made me more aware of my feelings, and helped me through some very traumatic lessons in my life. Her patience, kindness, and love shines through her everyday. Her gentle, yet powerful words, gave me the strength to grow more spiritually.  I am truly blessed to have her in my life, as I know that my journey has only begun."


Respectful, honest, genuine - able to bring out the core of the issue and not make you feel bad or inadequate about what you are feeling or bothered by." R.

"For my children and myself, Veronica is a safe and peaceful place in our lives. She has the ability to bring my soul back to life and make me in touch and aware of my spiritual self. I am learning to live a positive life with acceptance of the path I am to walk." O.

"Veronica connects on a heart-level. I feel much better after each session. I have direction and this gives me peace." B.

"Both my kids love going to see her for a session, this says a lot!" L.

"I can describe her in one word: AMAZING."    H.

"Veronica is a channel of truth, love, and light." K.

"She is real and I love the time I spend with her. I learn so much." P.

"Very in tune with the spirits and master teachers around her. Veronica has the insight and wisdom to guide people through their journey in life. I am a medium myself and would get information from her because she is that good." F.


                                              MA, Spiritual Psychology: USM, BA, Performing Arts: CSUSM,  CHT, CRT, CM, CH, Reverand @ HGSA
                                                                                 Member of NATH -  National Association Of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
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